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10-31-2002 removed: 3 sets of NSFs from Sounds of the 2A03, it seems Nihon Falcom Corp. does not appreciate VGM covers. How disappointing.
10-30-2002 added: Japanese FCdev messageboard (please test it for me), SUGIMO's Dinosaur, The Legend of Xanadu, and Ys 4 -The Dawn of Ys- NSFs to Sounds of the 2A03, Masmix and Matrix games, link to SUGIMO's homepage, Dragon Quest song to tracked music, a few links to the SNES section.
10-26-2002 sorted: FDS stuff from Misc into new FDS section, added: Siudym's demo, PPU Addressing doc, link to (Japanese), link to NES Hack Factory, updated: FDS Loader documentation, Famicom Disk System Disk Drive/RAM Adaptor Technical Briefing, Getting FDS disk games to boot that normally don't doc, Famicom Disk System ROM BIOS & I/O Port Documentation, NES Emulation Discussion doc, tracked music with alternate Klax song.
10-23-2002 added: FDS Test demos.
10-19-2002 2002 MiniGame Compo has ended. moved: update history, added: Froggy 1K game, link to NES ASM Tutorial, link to SMS Flash devcart and Motherboard Flash Method, Roller Coaster sine-generating PC util, Blocks demo, Bill World game (early version), Chess, a Klax song to tracked music section, FDS BIOS Disassembly, Shortz and I Love U! to Sounds of the 2A03, Famicom schematic (thanks to Ubaldo Prones!), link to RomLabratory. Updated: BRK instruction doc.
9-9-2002 added: link to Strangulation Games, Hot Seat Harry 1K game.
9-6-2002 added: link to NES Music Authors List Japanese version.
9-5-2002 added: Po-Barabanu (DanceDanceDendy Mix) and fx 2.0 to Sounds of the 2A03, GITS TV test program Russian and English versions, SNES Cart Hacking Info, several Megaman mods to tracked NES music page.
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NES Music

Metroid platform

Text Files


General information about the Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom.


Information about the 6502. The NES's 2A03 CPU is a modified 6502.

Famicom Disk System

Information about the Famicom's floppy disk add-on.


Information about the NES/Famicom's add-ons, or anything that doesn't pertain to another category.


Information related to the emulation of the NES/Famicom.

Dr. PC Jr.

The Doctor PC Jr. is a Chinese computer based off the NES/Famicom. Visit Dr. PC Jr. Development Page for extended information.


The well-known sequel to the NES, both castrated and enhanced. Only stuff unavailable elsewhere will be featured here.

NES Programs

Source code is included unless otherwise indicated.

stuff by abonetochew

stuff by SnowBro

stuff by HNO3

stuff by Damian Yerrick

stuff by Lasse ヨrni (Cadaver)

stuff by Chris Covell

stuff by Tony Young

stuff by Ian Bell

stuff by Morgan Johansson

stuff by Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux

stuff by Memblers

PC Programs

6502 Tools

Graphic Tools


Sound Tools

If you're a musician who wants to write NES music, contact me..

Amiga Programs

6502 Tools

Graphic Tools

Misc Tools

C64 Programs

hardware info

more patent docs will be added eventually..

console hardware

cartridge hardware

Note: Goroh's docs are in japanese




misc. tech

home pages


misc 6502

graphics were ripped from other pages.

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